Welcome to littlefatfingers.com. I am Richard Slagter a graphic designer & commercial artist, casual day care educator, art teacher, pizza maker and home maintenance wannabe.

I have been a graphic designer and artist for over 20 years offering artistic and creative solutions to suit a broad range of requirements. These days I design and develop websites when I have some spare time and am continually studying to keep up with the ever changing industry or painting.   I  am also a child care educator which has been a total change of direction both interesting and challenging bringing me to this point where I teach art to children.

My family and I have recently moved to Munruben in South East Queensland to enjoy a more balanced lifestyle in our own home. My lovely wife Margie is the centre of my galaxy, she is an excellent writer, editor, phlebotomist, mother and my in-house critic, motivator and go to girl when the stuff hits the fan. Together, we manage a blended family comprising of 3 children and 3 adult children. All at different stages of life which makes for some challenging and lateral thinking.